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American Dad! Season 12

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Cartoon Type : TV Series Age Rating : Everyone Sequel : American Dad! Season 13 Prequel : American Dad! Season 11 Status : Ongoing Description : The TV series follows the life of an upper middle class Smith family, consisting of an eccentric head of family, Stan Smith, a CIA agent and staunch patriot; his wife Francine, a typical blonde and housewife; their two children Hayley, a pacifist and sceptic and Steven, a loser and wimpy nerd, who dreams to seduce a beautiful girl. Also Smith family consists of three additional weird protagonists, namely: Jeff Fischer, Hayley’s hippie boyfriend; Klaus, a saturnine talking goldfish and Roger, the most extravagant family member, who is actually an alien, full of irony, skepticism, madcap actions and impersonations.
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American Dad! Season 12 Anime