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Rick and Morty Season 03

Genre : Family, Cartoon Type : TV Series Age Rating : Everyone Prequel : Rick and Morty Season 02 Status : Ongoing Description : During Rick's incarceration, the Federation has colonized Earth. Summer, determined to rescue Rick, digs up the alternate Rick's corpse in their backyard and retrieves his portal gun. She and Morty are inadvertently transported to Cronenberg World, where they are rescued by Seal Team Rick, dispatched by the Council of Ricks. Upon learning Rick is being held by the Federation, they decide to assassinate him to prevent the Federation learning Rick's secrets. Meanwhile, the Federation, in a ruse, offers Rick freedom in exchange for his interdimensional travel formula, but Rick manages to escape before Seal Team Rick arrives. Rick kills the team and returns to Council. Rick transports the Council to the Federation prison, prompting a massive battle. Rick uses the confusion to access the Federation mainframe - revealed to be his plan all along - and destroys the Federation's economy. The Federation falls into chaos, and leaves Earth. Rick returns to the Smith household, but Jerry issues Beth an ultimatum: choose him or Rick. Beth announces that she is divorcing Jerry. In a similar final scene of episode 1 of season 1, Rick announces to Morty that he's the household patriarch now and that he and Morty (and sometimes Summer and Beth) are going in a lot of adventures together, in search of the Szechuan dipping sauce, which, according to Rick, "will take 9 more seasons".
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Rick and Morty Season 03 Anime