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Winx Club Season 06

Genre : Animation, Cartoon, Action, Adventure Type : TV Series Age Rating : Everyone Prequel : Winx Club Season 05 Status : Ongoing Description : The Trix are back and take over Cloud Tower and ally themselves with a new witch from Earth, Selina. Selina possesses an extremely powerful and dangerously indestructible magical book called the Legendarium which strips the Winx of there Sirenix Powers. The Winx use Bloomix, a transformation from Bloom's Dragon Flame. In its pages are all the various myths, fables and legends of all worlds of the magical universe and can make mythical creatures come to life simply by reading them out loud. In order to stop the Trix and Selina, the Winx Club must achieve a new fairy transformation called Mythix. They also search for Eldora; a wise and powerful fairy godmother who is the only one who knows how the lock the evil book for good. In this season, the Winx Club have to journey into the fictional Legendarium world to find and attain the Fantasy Emerald, and the Silver Spear; from which they will magically forge the Legendarium key.
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Winx Club Season 06 Anime